Why Choose Wallpaper

Why Choose Wallpaper

Posted On: 08 Nov, 2021

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Though the Initial instalment costs of wallpaper are high, its durability makes the spending worth it. Wallpapers can last up to 15 years and have high sustainability and reliability, whereas, wall paints have a tendency to get damaged easily. Paints can last on a well-prepared surface for 5-6 years, still needs to touch up every year or two.


With great breakthroughs in digital printing and wallpaper brands, there is endless variety to choose from. Wallpaper provides you with endless patterns and designs. Even newer textures are possible and easy to create using wallpapers.

Less Messy:

Installing wallpapers in your house is much faster than getting your house painted. It is also less messy and no lingering foul smell of paint. Unlike painting wallpaper installation does not require emptying the room or spilling over furnishings in the room.

Finish & Textures

When it comes to finish and textures, wallpapers give you a wide range of choice like metallic, matte, glossy, textured etc. With customized wallpapers customer can decorate their rooms with their favourite/memorable images.

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