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Artificial Garden

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Artificial Garden

Price (per Sq. Ft.):   Rs. 807/-


Outdoor Chilgoza Leaves

Category:   Vertical Garden

Sq. Ft. Size (W X L):   3.28 X 3.28

Per Sq. Ft. Coverage:   10.76 Sq. Ft. (± 3%)

Application: Residential or Private Places, Commercial properties, Balcony, etc.

Other Specifications::
Super realistic and completely customizable
No need to watering
No need to maintain

Delivery Time:   Approximately 7-10 working days

durable vertical grass or floor grass, Artificial Garden
easy to fix/ DIY, vertical grass or floor grass, Artificial Garden
washable vertical grass or floor grass, Artificial Garden
economical vertical grass or floor grass, Artificial Garden
light weight vertical grass or floor grass, Artificial Garden
low maintenance, effortless vertical grass or floor grass, Artificial Garden
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  • Price includes GST
  • The above price does not include application / fixing charges.

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Estimated Sq. Ft.: You would need approximately .

Estimated Cost: Rs. /-

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