Window Blinds FAQs

Window Blinds FAQs

How much light will my blind block out?

The beauty about these blinds is you don't have to compromise privacy for light and this range allows enough thickness in the fabric for you to feel comfortable no one can see in while enjoying the daylight, perfect for brightening up darker rooms.

Cleaning blinds is pretty simple, making sure the blind is fully down. Start by giving the blind a quick dust over or use a vacuum with a soft attachment to remove any dust. Then with a damp clean cloth gently wipe over the blind and finally open the window to let the fresh air dry it off.

We no longer offer different types of finishes for the bottom of the blind, so as standard every blind will have a straight finish with a visible bottom bar to keep the blind weighted.

You simply need to decide if the blind will sit inside the window (Recess) or outside the window frame (Exact). If your still unsure view our measuring guide.

Yes, we provide the necessary brackets and you will need to find suitable screws/plugs for your wall, generally 15-25mm self-tapping screws and good quality plugs will be what you need.

If you are unsure on which blind to go for, we recommend you order for a sample. In each product page we have a button to order a sample. You can even order multiple samples if required to help you choose.

All blinds are operated on a sidewinder chain attached to the headrail, you simply pull the chain to move the horizontal panels to the top forming a neat pleated stack when opened or pull the opposite side of the chain for a flat layer of fabric when closed. You will have the option to have the sidewinder on either the left or right when ordering.

As standard with all our blinds, you will receive a white sidewinder chain. White beads of the chain are made from plastic, easy to clean and rust-free!

Yes, you can buy selected fabric by the metre although it's not on our website our friendly customer services team will be happy to help if you contact us about it.

We have a great imagery team aimed at making the images match the fabric exactly. However, there are lots of textured fabrics and some screens will show them slightly different so we would always recommend ordering a sample prior to purchase.

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